Explaining Steph Curry’s foot sprain injury and indefinite timeline

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry injured his left foot vs the Boston Celtics on this play. On initial review, it didn’t look too bad because the foot wasn’t fully planted and Celtics wing Marcus Smart’s body glanced off the side of Steph’s foot rather than directly into it which may have caused significant axial loading and potentially a dreaded LisFranc injury.

However, Curry’s foot was still pinned between Marcus Smart’s body weight and the floor and the foot is rife with anatomy, especially ligaments and tendons, which can be damaged.

Latest updates (imaging)

An x-ray after the game revealed no fractures but an MRI the following day revealed a sprained foot ligament, with optimism that Steph could return by mid-April.

Indefinite timeline

However, foot & ankle injuries can often take multiple days to reveal themselves fully due to the complex nature of the foot which also makes diagnosis more difficult. Accordingly, Steph will be seeing foot & ankle specialists for further evaluation.

Additionally, timelines can vary significantly on foot sprains because the foot takes direct weight-bearing which can create a full spectrum of responses in terms of pain & dysfunction.

For those reasons, it makes sense why Steph currently has an indefinite return timeline. I’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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