The Running Checklist

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Unlock your best running with The Running Checklist

The running checklist is a comprehensive running health, performance, and gait evaluation created by running expert Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT. The goal is to assess key factors that impact your running performance and injury-risk and then address each through a tailored, methodical plan to have you running faster, farther, & with less injuries.

The checklist methodically goes through each of the following running health & performance factors:

  • Foundational: injury history, sleep, stress, nutrition

  • Strength and mobility of key areas: foot/ankle, knee, hip, low back, core

  • Contributing systems: nervous system, breathing, neuromuscular, vision, balance

  • Running gait analysis: Cadence, foot strike, form & technique, two-angle video analysis

The entire process takes 90 minutes and costs $199, all in-person with Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT. You also get a detailed & stepwise plan that complements your current training to address any areas for improvement and unbridled access via email, call, or text.

Fill out the short form below and he’ll be in touch shortly. Here’s to you becoming the best runner you can be.

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