Running Analysis

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Running Gait Is Critical To Performance & Health

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I specialize in working with runners - whether that’s for injury rehab, injury prevention, or performance - and step one is always a running gait analysis (unless you’re in pain, then we rehab and get back to that point). I’ve found that a few slight modifications to running mechanics can unlock performance and reduce pain while preventing future injury.

 The running gait analysis consists of taking video from two different angles:

 1 – The side view


I’m analyzing this view for the following things:

 2 – The front & back view


I’m analyzing this view for the following things:

3 - Additional

After filming, I calculate your stride rate (cadence), stride length, and assess lower body musculature (specifically the foot/ankle, hamstrings, and glutes). All these variables paint a picture of your running style, running economy, and running efficiency.  Based on your goals, we then come up with a plan to hit those goals.

I’ve seen many runners improve their performance, eliminate nagging injuries, and/or prevent injuries simply through my detailed running analysis. I always start there before going into more extensive plans of action, it’s what I call “low hanging fruit” - low effort changes that bring high impact benefits.

Through this analysis, my goal is to have you running as efficiently and quickly as possible. The entire process takes an hour, costs $99, and I’m available as a resource 24/7 (just don’t tell my girlfriend that).