Strength Training


Strength training with a purpose

Step 1: Initial evaluation

Schedule your initial session for a hands-on evaluation, movement assessment, and establish your goals.

Step 2: The programming

Receive an individually tailored eight-week plan to meet your goals. Methodical, smart training to unlock health and performance.

Step 3: Re-evaluation & testing

Take stock of your increased strength, speed, focus, resilience, and athletic development and build on it with an updated plan.

Who is this program for?

This is for athletes returning from injury, athletes who’ve suffered multiple injuries and want to reduce injury risk, or athletes seeking to unlock performance. My clients range from pre-teens to adults and include runners, team sport athletes, track & field athletes, and triathletes. Through individualized and specialized 1 on 1 training, we build a foundation of strength, mobility, movement, and injury resiliency.

Why work with Me?

My background as a DPT, performance trainer & scientist, and coach gives me unique insight into the entire spectrum of athletic development, performance, and the physical and mental acumen of elite athletes. I use objective tests (including hands-on evaluation which I’m licensed to do) and video analysis to evaluate injury risk, strength, speed, agility, reaction time, & mental focus. We then re-evaluate, gauge improvement, and keep building.

How Many sessions do I need?

My program is built on a methodical stepwise progression that requires consistency. That’s the only way to train smart, see results, and unlock both health and performance. To that point, I require an initial commitment of at least two 60 min sessions/week for eight weeks (one training cycle), with multiple packages to suit your preference:

2 private sessions/week for 8 weeks - $100/visit

2 private sessions/week for 16 weeks - $90/visit

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