Sports Performance


Strength |Speed|Focus|Injury Resiliency

My unique background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, performance trainer, and coach allows me to understand the entire spectrum of athletic development, athletic performance, and what separates elite athletes. My goal is to optimize each of the factors that underlie elite sports performance:

3CB Ekata Factors of Athletic Performance.png

I address these factors through the lens of the Long-Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD) that emphasizes both short and long-term performance through individualized, methodical, responsible, research-driven methods. Here’s how:


The entire program is built around your unique characteristics, goals and sport-specific demands, including your age, gender, & injury history. This individualized structure allows for specific and purposeful planning.


Each program begins with evaluating injury risk factors and then progresses to loading in the weight room (the focus is always on technique & quality of form) and integrating performance factors, including speed, agility, endurance, movement patterns, reaction time, and mental re-framing. I utilize objective tests (including hands-on manual assessment which I’m licensed to do), performance measures, and video analysis to evaluate each factor, gauge improvement, and then re-evaluate.

1- Injury Resilience

Injury resiliency & reducing injury risk is built on creating a foundation of mobility, strength, and conditioning.  Our program always begins with addressing these factors and teaching proper form and mechanics. This reinforcement of quality movement not only reduces injury risk in the weight room but in any active setting - court, field, rink, etc.


Each program is multi-tiered - pre-established requirements must be met before moving onto the next level.  As you become more advanced, the programming becomes more advanced. This methodical approach creates constant progress via appropriate loading - preventing both stagnation and over-training.


Here’s an overview of the entire process:

Athletic Development Process.png

Who is This for?

As the name states, this is a long term development model - it is designed for individuals seeking long-term development and injury prevention.  In order to effectively implement the individualized and progressive principles, we require a commitment of at least 3 months and one session per week.  


The Breakdown

We offer 1 on 1 sessions, small (five people max) training sessions, club team, and group training sessions specifically catered to runners, youth athletes, and post-ACL rehabbers.

1 on 1 and small group sessions take place at Velocity Sports Performance Brentwood. 1 on sessions cost $109 and small group sessions cost $75 per session respectively, while team or group training sessions take place at Circuit 45 West LA for $37.5 per session.  The minimum commitment is 3 months and 1 session per week (ideally 2 or 3 depending on the phase of training you're in).