Soccer Athletic Development

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Train Like a Soccer Pro - On and Off the Field

Our soccer athletic development programs consists of 1 on 1 or group sessions with Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT and Coach Alex Bexon (Bexon Soccer Academy) to get kids stronger, faster, and better on the pitch - while decreasing injury risk.  We've combined our soccer, athletic development, and sports medicine expertise into one program.

This program holistically assesses and addresses all the factors that go into athletic performance. These include:

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We do this through a methodical and step-wise approach that is based on skilled testing, training, monitoring, and re-testing. Here’s an overview:

Become the best player & athlete you can be

If you want to hit your goals as an athlete and soccer player, this program is for you. I’m addressing each and every facet that goes into athletic & soccer performance. Additionally, you have access to me as a 24/7 resource and get 33% off any physical therapy sessions, if needed.

My soccer athletic development clinics take place in two locations, click below to sign-up today.