Recovery is as important as the work

When you’re working, training, and playing hard, knowing how to recover quickly & effectively can separate you from the pack.

That’s where I come in.

I use my background in physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, lifestyle coaching and movement analysis to build a purposeful, targeted recovery program based on your specific goals & individualized to your unique demands (injury history, training level, sport-specific & so on).

I use a combination of:

  • Manual therapies: Sports massage, active release techniques,  instrument assisted, ESTIM
  • Relaxation techniques: Parasympathetic breathing, mindfulness training, mindset
  • Advanced targeted techniques: Joint mobility, leukotaping
  • Habit monitoring/change: Building the 3 foundations of health in sleep, nutrition, and stress reduction
  • Load & discomfort monitoring: Guidance on when your body may be entering into overload & high injury risk
  • Self-tools: Teaching you the tools & tips to expedite recovery yourself
  • Communication: Working with your coaches and trainers to create a collaborative, informed ecosystem

Step 1

Free 15 minute call

An exploratory, zero obligation phone call to answer questions, get a feel for who you are, and see if the fit makes sense.

Step 2

Initial Eval & Treatment

Initial evaluation & treatment to determine specific needs and unique factors to build a truly individualized recovery program

Step 3

Planning & Consistency

Implement an individualized plan and recovery schedule to boost your recovery; modifying & adapting as needed.


There’s multiple options available, each with further discounts available that we can discuss:

Ad Hoc

Full session - $120 ea
Half session - $60ea

First session is always a full session

Packages of 5 (10% discount)

Full session - $108 ea
Half session - $54 ea

First session is always a full session

Packages of 10 (15% discount)

Full session - $102 ea
Half session - $51 ea

First session is always a full session

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