Injury Prevention & Athletic Development

The Best Injury is the One that Never Happens 

Injuries suck and unfortunately the prevalence of exercise and sports-related (ESR) injuries is increasing.  ESR injuries reportedly account for up to 52% of new injuries within certain healthy and active adult populations, and 5.5 million youth athletes are treated for injuries each year (and those are just the reported ones).

With staggering statistics like those, the message is clear:  Reducing injury risk is essential for long-term athletic development. 

Our injury prevention and athletic development program is built on the expertise of our Doctor of Physical Therapy who harnesses the individualized and progressive strength & conditioning principles of the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LDAT).  


Programming is built around your unique characteristics and context.  These include age, sport, gender, client-specific goals, injury history, and injury screening. This individualized structure allows for specific and purposeful planning.


Each program begins with addressing injury risk factors and then progresses to loading and performance in the weight room.

1 - Injury Prevention

Proactive injury prevention is built on creating a foundation of mobility, strength, and conditioning.  Our program always begins with addressing these factors and teaching proper form and mechanics. This reinforcement of quality movement not only prevents injury in the weight room but in any active setting - court, field, rink, etc.

2- Loading & Performance

Each program is multi-tiered - pre-established requirements must be met before moving onto the next level.  As you become more advanced, the programming becomes more advanced. This methodical approach creates constant progress via appropriate loading - preventing both stagnation and over-training.

Who is This for?

As the name states, this is a long term development model - it is designed for individuals seeking long-term development and injury prevention.  In order to effectively implement the individualized and progressive principles, we require a commitment of at least 6 months.  

The Breakdown

We offer exclusive 1 on 1 sessions to anyone or group training sessions specifically catered to runners, youth athletes, and post-ACL rehabbers.