The hip is a key conduit between the torso and lower body which takes on the most stress of any joint and therefore is the strongest joint in the body. It’s a “ball and socket” joint that combines high mobility, stability, and strength.

The high demands placed on it and its relationship with the lower back commonly leads to injuries and discomfort in the region, particularly external muscle discomfort and weakness.

I’ve worked with a variety of hip cases ranging from impingement to “piriformis syndrome” to bursitis to “sciatica” to labral tears to hip flexor and hamstring strains and tendinopathy with a wide range of demographics including high schoolers, olympic qualifying professional athletes, middle aged office workers, police officers & servicemen, elite and recreational runners, seniors and touring singers and dancers.

If you’re dealing with a hip injury or are post-surgery and want to return to 100%, I can help.

Common hip conditions and injuries:

●Impingement (femoral acetabular impingement aka FAI)
● Labral tear
● Gluteal tendinopathy

● Hamstring tendinopathy
● “Piriformis syndrome”
● Sciatica

● Adductor tendinopathy
● Bursitis
● IT band syndrome

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