Crossfit Physical Therapy

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Feel Better, Move Better, Perform Better

Crossfit is incredible for multiple reasons - from the community to the physical undertaking to the mental resilience that it builds - but it also puts very specific & repetitive demands on the mind and body that can result in aches, pains, and injury.

If you’re injured, want to prevent injury, or simply want to move & perform better, I specialize in working with Crossfit athletes and would love to help. The crux of my approach is reducing pain while addressing the root causes of the problem & preventing future issues. This starts with a comprehensive hands-on diagnostic & hands-on treatment, transitions into re-building movement, strength & mobility in the weight room, all the while creating a plan to keep you performing at your best.

That plan includes you staying active & healthy, even during the rehab process. Unless it’s an extreme case, I rarely ever say “just rest it” because rest doesn’t address the underlying cause. Instead of rest, I say “lets modify it” and we can work our way back towards your goals.

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To get started on your recovery, prevention, or performance - contact me at or feel free to text me at (424) 258-4479 at your earlier convenience.